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Can my Frenchie be safely shipped?

We are blessed to have several wonderful puppy chaperones (puppy nannies) who take our Frenchie puppies as carry-ons and hand deliver them to their new owners at their nearest major airport. If you are not able to come to our home to pick up your new puppy, this is the least stressful means of transporting your puppy because he/she will be pampered in the climate controlled cabin in the constant care of one of our carriers. We are able to send your puppy at any time of the year and to any major airport in the lower 48, generally for a fee of $400 which we pay directly to our carriers. We can also ship to Alaska and Canada for slightly higher fees. Unfortunately, we are not able to send puppies to Hawaii due to the long quarantine period that is required; and, unless you are able to fly into Salt Lake City to personally pick up your puppy, we do not place puppies internationally (except for Canada).

Because of the French Bulldog’s inability to breathe as effectively as most other breeds, at this time the various airlines’ companies will not ship Frenchies over 20 pounds as cargo at any time, and will not ship smaller Frenchies as cargo if the weather is above a certain temperature, usually around 75 degrees.  We will not ship any of our puppies as cargo, and we would be very reluctant to ship an adult as cargo even if they would currently qualify based on airlines guidelines.


Of course, if you are close enough to us to drive to our home and pick up your new Frenchie, it is perfectly safe to transport him or her in your air conditioned car.  Many experts will advise you to only transport your Frenchie in your car if he or she is in their crate.  While this is certainly the safest policy, we’ll have to admit that we do not always follow this advice.  Our Frenchies ride well in our vehicles, and sometimes we allow them to sit in our laps and enjoy the view (of course, only if we are the passenger and not the driver:-).

Ground transportation can be arranged for adult Frenchies with any of a number of companies/individuals, but it is certainly not ideal as it can be harder on the dogs and it is generally quite expensive, but in some cases this may be the only way to transport an adult Frenchie if you are not able to do it yourself.

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