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At what age do you sell your French Bulldog puppies?

Based on our experience, we do not place any of our Frenchie puppies into their new homes prior to 8 weeks of age (they need the socialization of their litter mates and mom until then). We actually prefer to keep them until they are 9 weeks of age so they get a little more socialization time with their litter mates and they are a little better prepared to go to their new homes. Occasionally, we will want to keep a puppy a little longer because, just as in human babies, Frenchie babies mature at different rates. By 8 weeks of age, most are eating like horses (after being off of mom’s milk for a week or two), while occasionally others are still very picky eaters, gaining weight slowly, and are a little slower in their development.

We know how hard it can be to wait for your little bundle of joy, but we want to make sure your puppy is well prepared to go to your home before being placed with you. If we have made plans to place your puppy in your home at 9 weeks, but, based on his/her development, we make a recommendation that we keep your puppy for another week or two, please understand that we are only doing so to insure that your puppy is fully prepared to leave litter mates and mom and to come live in your home.

By approximately 9 weeks of age, when we start placing our puppies in their new forever homes, our puppies will have already had their first two of three required DAPP vaccinations (the first doses are given at 6 and 9 weeks of age), along with the first of two Bordetella vaccinations. The 3rd DAPP & Bordetella vaccinations, along with their rabies vaccination, are due at 12 weeks. Based on the age of your puppy when placed with you, you will be responsible for obtaining the DAPP vaccinations that your puppy still needs, which will be detailed in your Sales Contract. We have also given your pup regular de-worming meds and preventive treatments for coccidia and giardia (although all dogs carry coccidia, and giardia is everywhere, and both can flare up under the stress of moving to a new home, a diet change, a new environment, etc.). Also, before placing your puppy with you, we will take him/her to our vet for a thorough health examination to make sure your puppy is ready to be placed in your home.

If we deliver your Frenchie puppy to you, he/she will be hand delivered to you by one of our responsible carriers at your nearest major airport in the lower 48, Canada, or Alaska. Puppies can be air shipped as cargo with United Airlines, and sometimes with other carriers when the temperature is below 75 degrees, but we strongly recommend against this – in fact, we just won’t do it except in extreme circumstances.

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