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Do you have permanent ID placed on the Frenchies you sell?

All of our Frenchies are microchipped, which is a requirement of the AKC, for our fully registered males and females. However, we do not as a practice, do this for puppies that we place. We could have your Frenchie puppy microchipped, but it makes a lot more sense for you to have your puppy microchipped by your vet when you take him/her in for his/her first checkup.  This way, your puppy will be permanently registered to you and not to us.  It is quick, easy, painless, and not very costly to have a lifetime chip implanted, that will register your puppy directly to you.  

Many people do not have their Frenchies permanently chipped, but it can certainly help reduce anxiety if you are concerned about the possible loss of your Frenchie. Unfortunately, this may not help in the recovery of stolen dogs, since the new “owner” will not request that the prior owner be found, although some vets will automatically check dogs for permanent chips, and if there is any question regarding ownership, they will follow-up.  However, if your truly lost Frenchie is found by a responsible person, he or she can take your Frenchie to a vet who will quickly determine that you are the rightful owner.  Many beloved 4-legged family members have been reunited with their family due to a permanently implanted chip.


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