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Do Frenchies have any special feeding requirements?

We now feed all of our new puppies one of the wonderful chows from PawTree. We have used the turkey and sweet potato; lamb and sweet potato; and the salmon, sweet potato, and pea recipes (you can read about it on our Great Products drop-down and even order it from our website from the provided link), and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We are currently using the salmon, sweet potato, and pea recipe, so all of our puppies will be on this chow when they go to their new homes. We have never had any issues with salmon, and we like that it provides fish oil, which is very good for them.

We strongly encourage each of our valued clients to use this wonderful dog food for at least the first month after they receive their puppies. Puppies are stressed when they are taken from their mothers and littermates and sent to their new homes, so anything that can be done to reduce further stress is important, and this means not abruptly changing their diet. 

PawTree has several grain free recipes and healthy grain recipes, and they should all be great for your Frenchie puppy and/or adult Frenchie. You can rotate between several of the recipes to give your dog some variety if you choose, but you should still transition to the new recipe based on the protocol below.

If you decide to change your puppy’s or older Frenchie’s diet, we recommend doing so over a week or so, so as not to upset their stomach.  For the first couple of days, you can mix one part of the new recipe with three parts of the current recipe.  If all is well after a couple of days, mix the new and the old 50/50 for two or three days.  If all is well, mix 75% of the new with 25% of the current recipe for a couple of days.  If all is still well, you can change over completely to the new recipe. If your Frenchie shows any signs of distress during this transition, slow the process down, or reverse it completely if they demonstrate a problem with the new recipe.

All Frenchies should eat a diet high in animal proteins and fats, and void of corn, wheat, or soy.   These grains can be hard on the digestive systems of Frenchies and should be avoided, especially since they can make them gassier, which you definitely want to avoid.  Filler grains such as oats, brown rice, barely, millet, quinoa, and sorghum are fine.  We like a recipe with at least 26% proteins and 15% fats, with meat as the first ingredient.  If your Frenchie is going to be allergic to any meat, it will probably be chicken. 

If you feed them a high-quality dog food, chances are they will live long and healthy lives, and they will have much more energy to devote to you and your family.


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