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Are French Bulldogs sociable?

French Bulldogs love people and love to please.  No Frenchie should be mean, aggressive, or vicious.  Based on our experiences and on what we have researched, Frenchies generally adapt very well to new people, places, and things, especially when they have been well socialized and exposed to new experiences when young.  It is a good idea to take your Frenchie puppy visiting and to various places early in life.  This helps your Frenchie be a better dog and not overreact out of the fear of the unknown.  It helps build confidence and character in your Frenchie and gives you and your Frenchie an easier time when you separated or when traveling.

One thing that is important to understand is that your Frenchie should not be penned for extended periods of time on a regular basis.  He or she needs to be a big part of your life.  Certainly, there will be times when you will be separated from your Frenchie for several hours.  If your Frenchie is well house trained, you can just leave him/her in the house with a few toys.  If the weather is nice and you have a secure fenced in backyard, you can put him/her outside where he/she will surely enjoy himself/herself.  In a pinch, you could leave him/her in a kennel (especially a Potty Training Puppy Apartment as shown on our website under Great Products), but this should be minimized.

If you have a canine companion for your Frenchie, it will be easier on both you and your Frenchie to be separated.  If your Frenchie is socialized with another pet, they will have great times together and will not miss you so much when you can’t be with them.

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