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23 Common Signs of Stress in Dogs

The human world can be a stressful place for dogs. Every dog has different triggers, but meeting strangers, hearing new noises, or even just getting into the car are examples of simple activities that can cause intense stress for many dogs.

As dog owners, it’s our duty to minimise the stress and anxiety felt by our canine companions. Long-term stress can lead to serious health conditions, so it shouldn’t be ignored. A stressed or anxious dog is also more likely to develop behavioural problems.

For these reasons, it’s vital to understand what canine stress actually is, what causes it, and how to relieve it. Most importantly, every owner should recognise stress signals, so that they can uncover (and relieve) exactly what causes stress for their pet.

To help dog owners, The Dog Clinic has put together a complete guide to canine stress. It includes an overview of common stress triggers, 23 examples of stress signals, and tips for helping your dog to relax.

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