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French Bulldog Bliss: How to Prepare Your Home for Your New Best Friend

French Bulldog Bliss: How to Prepare Your Home for Your New Best Friend


Twenty years ago, the French Bulldog was not well known. They were not on anyone’s top 20 list of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. How things have changed since then, as they are now the most popular dog breed in the country as of 2023, per the AKC, replacing the Labrador Retriever who had been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for decades. There are many reasons for this, as we will touch on below.


The French Bulldog was developed in England in the mid-1900s by crossing the much bigger bulldogs of that day with other breeds, especially the terriers. Many were taken to France during the Industrial Revolution, where they were further refined while gaining much popularity and their name. Several were taken to the U.S. in the late 1900s, where further refinement took place, including standardizing their iconic bat ears.


In this blog, we will help readers decide if searching for French bulldogs for sale near me is a good decision.


About French Bulldogs 


The French Bulldog, i.e., the Frenchie, is similar to the English Bulldog in many ways, but in a much smaller package and with those adorable bat ears. They are solid, sturdy dogs but should not weigh more than 28 pounds (per AKC guidelines), so they are small enough to be lap dogs. BlueHaven French Bulldogs has provided the detailed AKC breed standards on their website for the French Bulldog under FAQs.


French Bulldogs are like people in that they each have individual personalities, but they all crave companionship. They love people of all ages and get along well with other animals, especially when introduced young. They are relatively quiet, very entertaining, easy to maintain, and require very moderate exercise, so they are great for apartments, motorhomes, and other smaller dwellings, in addition to large homes with big yards to romp in.


All dog breeds are susceptible to various health issues, and the French Bulldog is no exception. Still, a well-bred Frenchie is probably the most healthy of the brachycephalic (flat-faced) and chondrodystrophic (dwarf) breeds. 


So if you are still in search of French bulldogs for sale near me, it is important to get your Frenchie from a reputable breeder. The recent dramatic increase in the popularity of this breed has brought a lot of unscrupulous breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills, and scammers into the market, leading to a lot of poor-quality breeding.  


Preparing for Your New French Bulldog 


When bringing a Frenchie puppy into your home, you must get prepared to devote all your available time to socializing your puppy. BlueHaven French Bulldogs has made specific recommendations on their website under Owner Info/New Owner FAQs regarding the things that should be acquired to be ready for your little one. The better prepared you are and the more comfortable the surroundings are for your puppy, the easier the transition will be.


Depending on your living arrangements, you will want to ensure your puppy has a safe, comfortable area when not in active care. Most Frenchie owners give their Frenchie the run of the house once they are fully house-trained, but until that time, care needs to be taken to ensure that your puppy does not injure himself or damage your belongings. 


This can be accomplished using a portable fence to cordon off a small room or part of a bigger space. They will need a comfortable sleeping/resting area, a place to eat and drink, a place to do their business (the PTPA is a good option, shown on BlueHaven’s website under Owner Info/Great Products), and a play area. 


Ensure they have plenty of puppy-safe toys (Frenchie puppies love squeaky toys). Also, include chew toys, as Frenchie puppies love to chew, which is excellent for their teeth and development. BlueHaven is especially fond of flavored Nylabones, in small sizes for puppies.


Introducing your new Frenchie puppy to your home is straightforward because the French Bulldog is such a loving and adaptable breed. Some new puppies might be shy for a day or two, and they may not want to eat much, but they will quickly become comfortable in their new surroundings. However, most Frenchies will immediately start bonding with their new owners and quickly become an integral part of the family.




The French Bulldog has become the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for excellent reasons. They are affectionate, loving, loyal, quiet, entertaining, relatively healthy, low maintenance, and just plain adorable. 


So, if you are ready to bring one of these excellent canine buddies into your home and are looking for French Bulldogs for sale near me, don’t hesitate to contact BlueHaven French Bulldogs. We have been breeding high-quality Frenchies in all their glorious colors for well over a decade, and we will help you acquire the perfect little Frenchie for your home.

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