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3 Ways to Help You and Your New Puppy Sleep

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over more than half of the homes in the United States have pets – with about 45% of those being dogs that share the bed! When our furry friends come into our lives, they are wonderful to have around…but how do we get them used to a new environment without stressing them out at nighttime – and in turn, getting a good rest ourselves?

Sleeping with our new puppies provides many positive benefits, a few of which include lower stress levels, a greater sense of protection and a fuzzy source of comfort. Even with these added benefits of our four-legged friends sleeping with us, it can be quite the transition in a new setting for a small pup.

Dogs are similar to humans, in that their circadian rhythms are letting them know to be up and awake during the day (even with some quick snoozes here and there) and then resting at night. Even so, the first few days of having a new puppy can be stressful, until they are familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells around them …and with that being the case, let’s look at three ways you can make night time a bit more restful for you, and your new pup!

White Noise Machine

Even though dogs can hear multiple frequencies, a white noise machine (otherwise known as a sound machine) essentially covers up one sound with another, spinning them all together so that you won’t be able to hear any drastic noises. This is good for you (and your new pup) to help calm down and relax, especially if outside noises are distracting.

Crate Training

Being in a crate at night time might seem odd to use for a new pup, but having a crate as a “bed” for your four-legged friend can be helpful in giving them a safe space to relax. Dogs love their humans – and like to be near them! If you put your puppy’s crate close to your bed while you’re sleeping, they’ll still be near to you, and will feel safe.


From a new pup to an old dog, exercise is key for rest … both mentally, and physically! Picking ways to play and train that will stimulate your puppy’s brain and body will not only help to keep them content and obedient, but it will also wear them out…making for a tired and happy pup come nighttime.

Each breed and age of dog is different when it comes to sleep requirements, with some sleeping longer than others …and especially puppies, who can sleep up to 20 hours a day as they grow! Even though they can be a handful when they’re tiny, developing a good sleep routine (for the both of you) will reap benefits in the long run, and will help to reassure your dog that they’ve got a safe place to rest, and can transition smoothly to being a part of their brand new family!

Krista is a freelance writer from Southern California and the owner of two wonderful golden retrievers. She regularly covers lifestyle and sleep topics for Mattress Nerd and has a passion for helping others create balance in their lives along with their furry friends.

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