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Stop Your French Bulldog Puppy from Jumping Up on You and Others

An important habit you need to get rid of is your French bulldog puppy’s jumping. It is something that you need to get onto straight away because once they start learning this type of bad habit, it is incredibly difficult to get them to stop doing it.

French bulldog puppies will jump, despite what people may think. It is in their nature to test boundaries as young dogs and to get attention from their owner. In the wild, wolf pups jump up in the mother’s face in order to regurgitate the food they have just been fed. In a domestic situation, you need to show your little Frenchie that it will not get any attention when it is jumping. This is something that you should encourage from a very early age. This is often seen as very cute when they are small, but when they grow into bigger animals, it is not so cute when your Frenchie starts ‘frenching’ your face.

If you are unable to stop the puppy from jumping, this will serve to be a psychological problem as the dog turns into an adult. It will show dominance and demand your attention around every bend. This will serve to be problematic in the long run as you will have a dog you simply can’t control!

Here are a few tips that you can implement when teaching your French bulldog puppy to stop jumping: when your puppy is jumping, simply turn and walk away. Ignore it completely without making eye contact or speaking to it. Continue ignoring it until it has calmed down then call it over after about 5 minutes. If this does not help, isolate your pup in another room.

You can do the following if your French bulldog puppy continually jumps on visitors: ask your guests to do the same as described above. You can also hold the puppy by its collar ( until the guests have settled. If this does not work, consider isolating the puppy completely.

If your Frenchie is getting rowdy when it is time for a walk, put the leash down and wait about 10 minutes until it is calm. Do not rush the process! Wait until it is relaxed before you try it again.

Here are a few important concepts to remember when dealing with a pup that loves jumping:

  •  It is important not to speak to the pup at all – remember that it is seeking attention!
  • When your Frenchie jumps up, it is not his way of saying, “I love you”.
  •  Space is important to a French bulldog puppy, and if it invades yours, it will quickly lose respect for you.
  • Remember to make sure your puppy knows that it is being ignored – walk confidently with folded arms past it.

Two important mistakes owners tend to make when it comes to dealing with a jumping puppy:

  • Inconsistency – do not cuddle them one time and ignore them the next.
  • Eye-contact – this invites the puppy over.
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