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The French Bulldog Puppy- Things you should know before buying one (or more)

Are you searching for a new furry companion who is small, friendly, playful, affectionate, and can easily adapt to your family situation? Then your search may end here. A French Bulldog puppy, commonly known as a Frenchie, may be the ideal companion for you.  These adorable dogs only require moderate exercise and minimal grooming. Compared to other flat-faced breeds, they are relatively healthy dogs with few significant health concerns, assuming they come from a reputable breeder. They are also the sweetest, most comical, most loving dogs you will ever meet.  The Frenchie can be an ideal choice for people who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. 


In this blog, we will discuss why a French Bulldog Puppy may be an ideal fit for your family.


About French Bulldogs 


French Bulldog puppies are as cute as any animal on earth.  Frenchies have very unique and charming personalities, and because of this, and many other factors, they are now the most popular dog breed in the US. These adorable dogs originated in England and then made their way to France.   In the early 1800s, the English wanted to downsize the existing bull-baiting bulldogs to a lap sized dog, which they did through selective breeding, and by introducing genes from other lines, such as the Terriers.


In mid-1800, lacemakers from Nottingham, England, traveled to France to find work, and they took some of these darling little dogs with them, where they became a big hit and is where they gained their name.  Additional fine-tuning of the breed continued in France, but some of the most important characteristics were imprinted in the US, especially the stately bat-ears, which are one of the most notable characteristics of the Frenchie.  The first French Bulldog was shown in the US at the 1896 Westminster Dog Show.  They have come a long way since then :-).


French Bulldog puppies and adult Frenchies are easily recognizable by anyone familiar with the breed, due to their very distinctive appearances.   They are compact in size, with muscular builds and iconic bat-like ears. They have some similarities to Boston Terriers, but they are much more stocky, compact, and lower to the ground, and they come in many more colors.  Their faces are expressive and adorable, with large square heads,  large round eyes, and flat Teddy Bear faces. 


Frenchies are intelligent dogs, which is why they are fairly easily trained, although they can be a bit stubborn at times (afterall, they are bulldogs :-). They are fond of playing, but they also love to relax, most especially in your lap, by your side, or under your desk. Because they can be stubborn, it is easier to train them if you make it seem like a game. 


Frenchies love and adore their human companions, and they love to be petted and fussed over, but they are not needy, like some breeds. Because of their humorous and mischievous personalities, they love to socialize, and they do their very best with consistent, patient, and warm people. 


They are very quiet dogs in general, although they will bark on appropriate occasions, such as when there is a stranger at the door, or if they notice something out of line. This is why they are considered pretty good watchdogs, although they will want to make friends with strangers at the first opportunity. 


Because French Bulldog puppies and adult Frenchies are compact in size and require minimal exercise, they prosper in apartments or other small dwellings, such as motorhomes. To keep them fit, periodic 15-minute walks, along with their inside activities, will generally get the job done.  


However, as with all brachycephalic breeds, their outside activities should be done in the cool of the mornings or evenings.  They do not breathe as efficiently as long-nosed breeds, and exertion in excessive heat could lead to a heat stroke or other serious health issue.


Frenchie Facts


If you already own a French Bulldog puppy or adult, of if you are contemplating adopting one, here are some helpful facts: 


  • Origin: England, France, and the US are mainly responsible for the wonderful French Bulldog breed that we have today
  • Lifespan: About 10-12 years
  • Size: Compact size, typically weighing 16 to 28 pounds
  • Coat: smooth, short, single layer coat with minimal shedding
  • Colors:  Available in the standard colors of black brindle, fawn, sable, cream, and pieds in these colors.  Also available in the more rare and stunning blues, chocolates, and lilacs, including pure coats and tan points.
  • Temperament: They have calm, friendly, playful, and loving natures. They adore socializing, and they love people of all ages and other pets. 
  • Training: They are smart, but also somewhat stubborn. So, training them can be more effective if you make it seem like a game. 
  • Exercise: They require minimal exercise. Regular short walks and inside playtime is generally sufficient.
  • Grooming: They have minimal grooming needs, in part due to their short coats.  Periodic brushing, fairly regular cleaning of the skin folds and ears, periodic ear cleaning, and nail clipping is about all that is necessary. 
  • Health: If well-bred, the French Bulldog is a relatively healthy breed, especially among the brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds. 


More About Frenchie Personalities 


Like people, all French Bulldog puppies and adults have their own individual personalities, but they do have a lot of things in common.  Below are some of those common traits, which make them perfect for all age groups and lifestyles. 


  • They are friendly and playful and love to cuddle. They enjoy playing fetch. 
  • They only need moderate exercise and grooming.
  • They socialize well with children and other pets. 
  • They are quite intelligent and can be fairly easily trained.
  • They adapt well to different living conditions. 
  • They are relatively healthy dogs, if well-bred, and if properly cared for from the beginning, including avoiding high-risk situations and providing lots of fresh water and high-quality food. 


Frenchie Coats


French Bulldog puppies have short, smooth, shiny, fine coats. They usually have loose and wrinkled skin, especially at the head and shoulders. This basically remains throughout their lives.  


The standard colors are black brindles (brindling is a mixture of lighter colored hairs within the darker hairs), fawns and sables in shades from light caramel to dark chestnut, creams, and pieds in these colors (a pied is basically a Frenchie with a white base coat with patches of darker colored hairs, like a paint horse).


Frenchies also come in several stunning and rare colors  These include the blues, chocolates, and lilacs, including the pure coats (which have no brindling) and Frenchies with tan points, which are on the lower legs, cheeks, brows, and bum.  


These Frenchies can be fully registered with the AKC, but currently they are not allowed in conformation events.  Hopefully, someday this will change, as so much more is now known regarding genetics, and it is known that these gorgeous and rare dogs are created from rare recessive genes that are naturally occurring in the Frenchie gene pool.




If you are not into spending a lot of time grooming your 4-legged companion, the French Bulldog may be just what you are looking for.  Only periodic brushing of their short, smooth, single layer coat is sufficient to keep it healthy and looking good.   


While grooming your Frenchie, whether they are puppies or adults, you should check their skin for scabs, skin lesions, rough or flaky skin, bare spots, or any signs of infections. You should also check their ears, eyes, and teeth for any discharge or bad smells.  If anything out of the ordinary is noticed, proper attention is needed, which would include cleaning and possible application of proper meds.  If the condition persists, you should consult your vet.


Frenchies are also prone to get very dry and cracked noses.  There are several good products on the market that can be applied to smooth and moisturize their noses and pads.


Perfect Companion for Children and Other Pets


It has been said that no dogs in the household should be left alone with toddlers and young children. However, this doesn’t apply to typical French Bulldogs. These wonderful dogs are extremely friendly and social and absolutely love children of all ages.  


They are very patient and tolerant of them, even when pulling on their ears.  However, all children should be taught to treat dogs properly, and you will have a loving and dedicated companion for your family for a decade or more.




The French Bulldog is one of the most intelligent and fun-loving pets imaginable.  People from all walks of life love this breed, from single adults, to young couples, to families with lots of kids, to empty nesters, from rich to poor, from normal folks to celebrities.  This breed can fit into any family situation and bring love and laughter to all.  If properly trained and cared for, this little dog can be an ideal companion in any household, including yours. 


Contact BlueHaven French Bulldogs to get your ideal companion now. We specialize in breeding all standard Frenchie colors, i.e., black brindles, red and golden fawns, sables, and creams, along with more rare colors like various blues, chocolates, and lilacs. We also breed pieds in each of these colors.   And, of course, health, temperament and conformation are our biggest areas of focus.  Contact us today to start your journey to acquire the greatest companion pet you can imagine. 


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