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Factors to Consider When Buying French Bulldog Puppies

The French Bulldog, sometimes referred to as a “Frenchie,” is a smaller domestic dog breed that has become very popular over the past 20 years. This breed is universally acclaimed as being friendly, loving, and entertaining, making it a great choice for families of all sizes and circumstances.

If you are searching for French Bulldog puppies for sale, you are definitely headed in the right direction. These dogs are adorable, and one of their great features is that they come in so many beautiful coat colors and patterns.  

Standard French Bulldogs come in black brindle (brindling refers to the lighter colored hairs that are mixed in with the darker colored hairs), fawns and sables from a light caramel to a dark reddish hue, creams, and pieds in these colors (a pied is basically a white Frenchie with patches of a darker color).  Frenchies also come in chocolate, blue (gray), and lilac (silver), which colors are created from rare recessive genes that exist within the Frenchie gene pool.


Buying a French Bulldog is a significant investment and a big decision.  There are a lot of things to consider, such as if this breed is a good fit for you and how you can go about finding a reputable breeder.  In this blog, we will guide you through essential information that will help you make an informed decision. 

French Bulldogs as Companions 

  • Temperament 

French Bulldogs are extremely friendly, affectionate, and loyal in nature and form strong bonds with their family members, but they are so lovable and social that they will easily go to others.  They are great with other pets and wonderful with children.

  • Laid back and mellow

Most French Bulldogs are laid back and mellow, and not at all hyper.  They are playful, but they do not require a lot of exercise, and short daily walks and their normal inside activities usually gives them all the exercise they require.  


They can be ideal for people who want an adorable and lovable fur  buddy, but don’t have the time or inclination to take them on long walks or have long interactive playtime. Because this is a brachycephalic (flat faced breed), they do not breathe nearly as efficiently as longer nosed breeds, so exertion in hot weather should be avoided.  Outdoor activities should be reserved for the cool mornings or evenings.

  • Adaptability

The French Bulldogs are well known for their adaptable nature, and they can adapt well to virtually any environment. No matter if you live in a rural setting or in the middle of a major city, they can thrive, as long as their minimal requirements are satisfied. 

  • Socialization

French Bulldogs are extremely social dogs and love to play with their owner and other pets. Therefore, they shouldn’t be isolated for long periods of time from their 2-legged family members, unless he/she has a 4-legged buddy to play and snuggle with, or you have a trusted friend to help out. 

  • Exercise

As mentioned before, the French Bulldog has minimal exercise requirements. Short daily walks and normal inside activities are all they generally need to stay fit.  


They can generally handle more, if you are more active and want your Frenchie to participate with you, but it is not necessary for their health.  Just make sure that their outside activities occur when it is cool, as they do not handle hot weather well, due to their flat faces, which creates less efficient breathing, making it harder for them to cool down. 

  • Training

French Bulldogs are smart and intelligent dogs, although they can be stubborn at times (after all, they are bulldogs :-).  Most Frenchie owners are capable of training their Frenchies to the level they want, with the generous use of treats.  Other Frenchie owners, who want a higher level of training, will use professional services.  It all depends on the level of training you desire, and whether or not you have the time, patience, and energy to do the necessary training.

  • Grooming

French Bulldogs have short, smooth, single layer coats that only require periodic brushing to look good and maintain a healthy appearance.  The folds of skin on their faces and around their tail areas, as well as their ears, require weekly cleaning (a wet wipe works well for this).  


About the only other grooming need is periodic nail trimming.   Doggie toothpaste can also be smeared on their teeth periodically, but if they have lots of chew toys available (BlueHaven loves Nylabones), these will keep their teeth in good condition.

  • Health Issues

Because the French Bulldog is both a chondrodystrophic (dwarf)  and brachycephalic (flat-faced) breed, they are susceptible to certain health issues. However, if they are well-bred by a reputable breeder, most health issues can be avoided.  


It is critical that they have safe and comfortable shelter, that they are fed high-quality food with all of the necessary nutrients, that they always have access to fresh water, that they are kept from dangerous situations and activities, and that they receive all of the prescribed medications and vaccinations for parasites and various diseases.

Tips to Find a Reputable Breeder

Below are some tips on how to find reputable breeders if you are in the search of French Bulldogs puppies for sale. 

  • Search Online

No matter what you are looking for these days, one of the first things you should do is search online. Search for Reputable French Bulldog breeders, French Bulldog puppies for sale, etc. and look for professionalism and good reviews and testimonials.

  • Ask For References

If you know any of your friends, family members, or relatives who own a French Bulldog, contact them. Ask them about the breeder they got their pet from. You can also ask your veterinarian if they know of any reputable breeders.  You might also bump into a stranger walking down the street with a very good looking Frenchie, and you can ask them where they got him/her.

  • Contact Them

Once you have shortlisted some reputable breeders, contact them. If they are near your place, you can plan to meet them in their facility to check the puppies and the environment they are growing in. If not, then you can ask for pictures/videos of the puppies and the facility. 

  • Ask Them Questions

Here are a few questions that you can ask the breeders. 


  • How long have you been breeding Frenchies?
  • Do you breed any other breeds of dogs?
  • How do you select which male to breed with each female?
  • How many litters does your average female produce?
  • Can I meet the parents of the puppy? 
  • Do your puppies come with a health guarantee, etc.? 
  • Do you conduct genetic testing to ensure healthy parents and puppies?
  • What is the price of your puppies? 
  • How do I get the puppy to my home?
  • Do you maintain a waiting list?
  • Can I order a specific type of puppy, and how long will it generally take to get him/her?
  • What is the process to move forward?

  • Get Ready To Be Interviewed As Well

Reputable breeders may ask you questions to make sure that you are a good candidate for one of their puppies.  

  • Contracts, Documentations

All reputable breeders should have a well designed contract that you will be given when you receive your puppy. You should also have access to the puppy guarantee, either on-line or on paper prior to purchasing your puppy, so there will be no surprises.  Puppies should also come with pedigree charts on both mom and dad, a veterinarian examination report, and the AKC registration document.  


If a puppy cannot be seen in person before being delivered, reputable breeders, like BlueHaven, will give clients an opportunity to refuse a puppy, if they think it has been misrepresented in any way. A reputable breeder will also maintain a paper trail, either through email, text, or mail, of the entire purchase process.


French Bulldogs, because of their distinctive appearances and lovable natures, have grown in popularity over the past 20 years, from the point of not making the top 20 list, to now being the most popular breed in the US. People look for French Bulldog puppies for sale because they are just the most wonderful companion pet there is for many family situations. 


However, it is critical to select a reliable breeder if you’re thinking about buying a French Bulldog, more so than for most breeds, because of the potential health risks of ill-bred dogs.   We believe that if you are looking for reputable breeders who provide high-quality French Bulldog puppies for sale, your search ends here. BlueHaven French Bulldogs offers high-quality French Bulldogs, available in all the various colors and patterns that are created from genes that are naturally occurring in the Frenchie gene pool. If you want to add an adorable and fun-loving companion to your family, give us a call today.













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