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How to Balance Nurturing Your New Business and Your New Pet

Starting a new business and welcoming a new pet are exciting and challenging changes in your life, but you may wonder if you can handle them simultaneously. For example, if your home is your workplace, adding a pet to your family could double your workload. However, following these tips can help you successfully balance the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and entrepreneurship.

Delegate Business Formation Tasks

Opt for an LLC structure that is relatively easy to establish and protects your assets from bankruptcy and legal judgments. Utah LLCs also provide tax advantages depending on your needs. For example, you can avoid double taxation by claiming all profits as personal income. Alternatively, you can reduce personal taxes and avoid self-employment taxes by structuring your company similar to an S corporation. 

A business formation service familiar with your state’s compliance requirements can advise you and handle tasks, including registering and filing a certificate of organization with the Department of Commerce and applying for an Employer Identification Number and business license. As a result, you will have more time to focus on your business strategy and bond with your new pet. 

Establish a Routine

New pets and businesses have basic needs that you must address to ensure they thrive. Therefore, determine a work schedule to support your business goals and build a routine for your pet around it. For example, if your puppy requires frequent potty breaks, plan to take walks between projects that require you to focus or during meal breaks. 

Keep Your Pet Busy

Young pets are full of energy that can be distracting when you need to concentrate. When you do not have the time to interact with a pet that wants to play, you can rely upon interactive toys like treat balls or puzzles that provide stimulation, promote the release of pent-up energy, and prevent distracting attention-seeking behavior.

Keep Your Pet Close

Set up a pen with see-through materials or bars near your desk or office where you work while keeping an eye on a pet too young to wander around your home independently. An enclosure with room to walk around and play that allows your pet to see you should also contain a soft bed, comfort object, and water.

Embrace Tech

You can rely upon various tech devices to help ensure your pet gets sufficient physical activity and mental stimulation or manage your workload. For example, self-cleaning litter boxes, treat-dispensing training pads, crates with built-in comfort music playlists, and robot vacuums that sweep up pet hair can free up hours of your time each week.

Download Helpful Apps

An increase in the number of families with pets in recent years accompanies the development of new apps to support pet parents. Apps take seconds to download on your phone but save you hours of research to find trainers, walkers, groomers, pet sitters, playmates, answers to health questions, or pet-friendly hotels when you are ready for your next vacation.

Ask for Help

It can take a village to raise a pet. Therefore, you should not hesitate to ask veterinarians, breeders, and groomers questions about your pet’s wellbeing. Also, maintain a list of reliable friends and family members who can pet-sit when you need time alone to schedule a client video meeting or another vital business task without your pet making an appearance.

Starting a new business and welcoming a new pet requires dedication and commitment to ensure both thrive. Fortunately, you can build a successful business and relationship with your new pet with thoughtful planning.


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