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The Best Travel Tips for Dogs and Their Parents

Does your favorite traveling companion have four legs and a wagging tail?  When you love going places with your dog, it’s important to find ways to keep his special needs met throughout your various voyages.  Whether you’re going down the block for a playdate, or on a cross-country road trip, here’s how to ensure every excursion is fun for you both. 

Putting your pooch first

Getting out and about with your dog is more than having a top-notch sidekick sharing your adventures.  Keeping your dog’s needs in mind ensures his comfort and safety.  For instance, travel bowls make it easy to offer your dog a drink, which is important since dogs can become overheated in vehicles.  Another idea is to add a car harness or seat belt to keep your pup safely riding shotgun.  Whole Dog Journal suggests traveling in a crate as a safe alternative, which is a good choice for dogs who are too antsy to stay seated. 

Plan dog-friendly stops

Allowing your dog regular exercise is at least as important on road trips as it is when he’s at home.  Exercising is a chance to take care of “business,” but it’s also a chance to burn off energy and loosen up.  One great way to stretch your legs is to visit dog parks.  There are dog parks located throughout the country, and you can use this handy tool to find one closeby. 

Be sure to brush up on dog park safety before you visit.  For example, ensuring your dog’s vaccines are up-to-date and that he’s tagged with your current contact information are smart preventative measures.  Also, throughout your travels, be conscientious about cleaning up after your dog so everyone can enjoy themselves. 

Considerations and conveniences

Aside from doggy basics, like safety gear and well-chosen stops, you and your dog can sometimes benefit from a pet sitter.  For instance, since new places can be stressful, hiring a sitter at your destination can alleviate anxiety for both you and your pooch.  You can use online resources to connect you with sitter prior to your trip, so your dog has a caretaker all set up. 

Another idea is to invest in some bonus travel gear to lighten your car cleaning burden.  For instance, a car seat cover makes it easier to deal with dog hair, and there are special paw washing devices to tidy up muddy feet.  It’ll make those stops at the dog park all the more enjoyable, since cleaning up later is a breeze! 

Are we there yet?

Planning and accessorizing is just one part of preparing a delightful getaway with your favorite furry friend.  Where you ultimately end up will weigh in as well, so put thought into your destination.  Choosing a location that is especially dog-friendly allows you to participate in the most adventures with your dog. 

Keep your dog’s unique needs and abilities in mind when making your selection, since dog-friendliness is just one piece of the puzzle.  Some dogs love the water, some love snow and cold, and some are heat-intolerant.  Whether your dog does best with chilly excursions, strolling sandy beaches, hiking mountains, or taking in restful, scenic views, Certapet compiled a list dozens of dog-friendly destinations worthy of your consideration. 

Wag-worthy dining

Choosing destinations can be one part action-oriented, and another part eating-oriented.  (Some dogs might even put eating at the top of the list of priorities!)  For big fun, there are dog-friendly restaurants throughout the U.S., and you and your pooch might enjoy including a few of them in your travels.  In fact, if road trips really become your game, you might decide to work your way through the country, taking them all in, from sea to shining sea!  Make sure you and your pooch review proper dining etiquette before you start your tour. 

Taking your dog on outings and adventures should be fun for you both.  Weigh your dog’s personal requirements, top it off with well-chosen activities, and make arrangements accordingly.  You and your pooch will be set up for the best of travels, near or far!

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