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Lexus (now known as Sophie)

I had wanted to own a French bulldog for many years but I also knew that it was extremely important for me to get the right puppy. I am very fond of the blue French bulldogs because their coloring is so unique. As soon as I saw photos of Katie and Darius, I knew that I wanted to have one of their puppies because I knew their puppies were going to be something special.

They both have such good conformation and they have that “bulldog look” that I was looking for in a puppy. When I saw a photo of the blue fawn female from that litter, my heart melted and from that moment on Sophie was mine. Donna and Lacey were so helpful along the way. I got weekly updates and photos of Sophie so I could see how she was growing. Sophie is a very happy and healthy puppy and she is the perfect fit for me. Each time we go to the vet, our veterinarian compliments Sophie and says she has such a good conformation and is a top quality French bulldog. I knew Katie’s and Darius’s genes would pay off! Going to the park or for a walk is quite an event because people stop in their tracks to ask about Sophie. She is very social and wants to say hello and give kisses to everyone she meets. Sophie is such a little clown and she has a great personality. I am the luckiest puppy owner to have found Donna and Lacey and to have been blessed with such an amazing puppy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to add a French bulldog to their family. Getting Sophie from Donna and Lacey was the best decision I could have made because Sophie turned out to be exactly the type of French bulldog that I was looking for!

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