An Investment


When you purchase a well bred French Bulldog from BlueHaven, you are making an investment in your future, one that will pay handsome dividends if you do your part. We know first-hand what wonderful companion dogs Frenchies are, companions which will provide you with a decade or more of loyal companionship, fun, and love.

If you want a French Bulldog that represents the breed well, be prepared to spend significantly more than you would for virtually every other breed. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that there are just not that many reputable French Bulldog breeders and high quality French Bulldogs available. This breed has gained a great deal of popularity in the past several years, but many would-be breeders have discovered that Bulldogs in general, and French Bulldogs in particular, are just not that easy to breed.

French Bulldogs are not like your typical Lab which easily breeds naturally and then has 10 strong, healthy puppies which she whelps virtually on her own with almost no involvement required from the owner.

Most French Bulldogs are not able to breed naturally and must be artificially inseminated, not to mention the very expensive progesterone testing that is frequently done to know the precise timing of ovulation. Due to the relatively large heads and shoulders of Frenchie babies in relation to the size of the typical mama Frenchie’s birth canal, most Frenchie litters are delivered through C-section in a veterinarian hospital, often an ER Clinic when they go into labor at the worst hours and days imaginable. Litters tend to be small, averaging about 4 live puppies.

Great care must be taken with new pups. We, along with most breeders, usually keep puppies separated from their moms for at least the first few days, except at 3-hour around-the-clock feeding times, since many tiny puppies have been smothered by unaware Frenchie moms. This leads to a lot of sleep deprivation on the part of the breeders, but it is something which must be done to insure that these little guys prosper.

All of these things, including the expense of keeping breeding male and female Frenchies in optimal health, tend to make breeding Frenchies a relatively expensive proposition and a lot of work! We are both Registered Nurses and we have said many times to each other that we think breeding French Bulldogs is the harder of the two (and believe us when we say Nursing is not easy), but we also feel it is the most rewarding! As stated on the AKC website, “Don’t go into the breeding of French Bulldogs with the intention of making money; most conscientious breeders do well just to break even.” We can certainly relate to this statement. Raising French Bulldogs is definitely a labor of love, but for us it is worth it; and owning your own Frenchie will definitely be worth your TIME and MONEY!

We love our Frenchies and our desire is to see them go to dog loving homes where they will be pampered and spoiled and be given all of the love and attention that they deserve. We therefore sell most of our dogs with limited AKC registration, which in no way means they are anything less than pure-bred French Bulldogs. It simply means that they are intended as pets, which will be neutered or spayed, and that they will not be used for breeding. They can, however, be entered into most AKC events (virtually everything except conformation events, where breeding stock is shown) if you are interested in entering your pride and joy into official competitions, i.e., agility, obedience, rally, tracking, & coursing ability tests.

We do sell a few of our Frenchies with full AKC registration to carefully screened breeders, at significantly higher prices, so long as we are sure they will provide a good home and will use well respected breeding standards. In no way would we ever allow one of our babies to become part of a puppy mill or otherwise be involved with breeders who are not ethical and trustworthy.

We price our puppies based on several factors, most importantly color & patterning, conformation, temperament, and, of course, health. In young pups, temperament is the hardest thing to judge at a very early age since about all they do is eat, sleep, and poop. However, our experience and research indicate that the temperament of puppies tends to pattern those of mom and dad (or mom or dad, if mom and dad have significantly different personalities). Since all of our breeding males and females love people, you can rest assured that your Frenchie puppy will also. However, other personality traits such as whether they are inquisitive or shy, laid back or very energetic, very quiet or more demanding of attention, etc. tend not to be very evident until they are 6 or 7 weeks old (this is why we do not start the FORMAL placement of puppies until the 7-week video is posted), although we can get some indication prior to that age. We have found that our past clients have loved whichever personality traits their pups have developed (and certain behavior, if it is determined to be undesirable, can certainly be modified with proper training and attention).

We are very careful in selecting our breeding males and females to insure high conformity to the AKC breed standards, although there are certainly acceptable variations in body conformation and size. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Some love the smaller, more petite version of the Frenchie, while others love the big, bully look. Even at a fairly early age (3 or 4 weeks), some pretty good prognostications of future conformation are possible in case you are interested in a certain look &/or size. If you are close to us, we welcome you to come to our house to meet all of the available puppies and make your choice according to your personal preferences. If this is not feasible, we do provide both 3-week and 7-week videos to give you a good idea of the potential conformation of each puppy, in addition to coloring and temperament; and, of course, we will answer any questions you have to help in your decision.

Assuming good conformation and health, the most important factors in pricing are color and pattern. As in all aspects of a free market economy, rarity and desirability determine value and price; the more rare and desirable, the higher the price. Generally, the more rare colors and patterns are created by recessive genes. For example, solid coloration is dominant over piedness, the chocolate color is recessive (and often cannot be DNA tested in Frenchies), blue coloration is recessive, pure black (with no brindling) is recessive, and black with tan points is recessive. For a recessive trait to come through, the pup must inherit the recessive gene from both the mother and the father. If the pup inherits the recessive gene from one of the parents but the dominant gene from the other, the pup will express the dominant characteristic but will carry the recessive characteristic (which could be passed on to offspring).

While we believe that all Frenchies are unique and beautiful, we do price our Frenchie puppies based on their relative rareness and desirability. The following is a list of colors from less rare to more rare: brindle, fawn, sable, blue fawn, blue fawn, chocolate brindle, blue sable, blue brindle, pure black (with no brindling), pure blue (with no brindling), black with tan points, and blue with tan points, and the pieds in each of these colors. We have produced each of these colors, and we will continue to produce these colors and others which are of interest to our clients, all based on naturally occurring genes in the Frenchie gene pool which we possess. For the few pups that we do sell with full AKC registration, in addition to an additional cost for breeding rights, an additional cost is added for pups carrying the rarer recessive genes, i.e., chocolate, blue, recessive black, and tan points.

We do not post our prices on our website, but our prices are very competitive for the quality of Frenchie puppies we produce. Just give us a call or send us a text or an e-mail to get our general pricing information. While we do not want to go broke with this hobby, our most important considerations are improving the French Bulldog breed through carefully selected breedings and by placing our puppies into loving homes which will give them all of the love and attention they deserve (which they will return many times over to their masters).