New Puppies > Shelby & Hog (10/6/22) and Madee & Hog (10/8/22)

Shelby & Hog (10/6/22) and Madee & Hog (10/8/22)

Hog would love to introduce his latest two litters with Shelby and with Madee.  Hog has produced some wonderful puppies for us over the past couple of years, and these little guys are no exception.  Shelby has two boys with tan points – a blue & tan and a black & tan.  Madee had three darling boys and a cute little girl, three of which are pieds.  Both moms and Hog are very sweet and healthy dogs, and we believe these little darlings will be as well.  All have been vet checked and we will begin placing them soon.

Tenner (blue & tan male from Shelby) –

Fiver (black & tan male from Shelby) –

Buck (blue brindle male from Madee) –

Cash (blue brindle pied male from Madee) –

Benji (black brindle pied male from Madee) –

Moolah (blue brindle pied female from Madee) – reserved by Carol, VT