Lilac & Tan

Lilac and tans are just stunning and very rare as they need double copies of 3 sets of rare recessive genes. They must have a double copy of the blue gene, a double copy of the chocolate gene, and a double copy of the tan points gene (or a copy of the tan points gene and a copy of the recessive black gene). They have a little lighter, more lavender toned coat than the blue & tans and they have light eyes as adults similar to those of chocolates (hazel, yellow, or gold).

Buttercup had a wonderful litter that includes Bree, a beautiful lilac & tan that you can see starting at about 60 seconds, along with two gorgeous blue & tans and blue fawns.

Darling also had a wonderful litter which includes Billy, a stunning lilac & tan, along with beautiful pure blues and blue & tans. You can see Billy starting at about 45 seconds.

Kaleb is a very handsome lilac & tan from Julie and Cruz that you can see at around the 3:05 mark.