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Chocolate Brindle Pied

Like chocolate brindles, the chocolate pieds generally have the striking golden yellow eyes, which sets the chocolates apart from all the other colors of Frenchies. Chocolates have eyes very cat like in color and they are truly remarkable. Like any pied, chocolate pieds can vary in the amount of white on them and colored patches. There is also a variance of brindling on the colored patches from heavily brindled to almost none. We are excited to have produced our first chocolate pied puppy, Almond Joy, from Kisses last litter with our gorgeous Heath. They only had the one puppy and we held her back to continue Kisses’ lines in our breeding program. As you can see from her pictures, Joy is a little spark plug, and we are excited to see her grow into a young lady. We waited a while to take her pictures because we wanted to show the change of her eyes. As you can see from the puppy pictures of our chocolate brindles, they start of blue, then once they are a couple of months old they start turning into a greenish color and then they generally will gradually turn into a bright golden yellow. You can see that Joy’s eyes are already in the process of turning into the beautiful golden yellow and will even get brighter in the coming months. She also has quite a bit of beautiful brindling on her chocolate patches.
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There are two darling chocolate brindle pieds in this litter from Raven and Murphy.  You can see Gavin at about the 2:20 mark and Amber at about the 5:20 mark.  These puppies will have beautiful yellow-gold eyes that chocolate Frenchies are famous for.