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Bunny and Rocky (5/21/22)

Bunny and Rocky would love to introduce their litter of 7 gorgeous Frenchie puppies, and this just happens to be Rocky’s first litter.  He should be very proud, as they are all wonderful puppies with great conformations.  They have all been vet checked and we will begin reserving them soon.

Hector (lilac fawn male, black collar) – reserved by Katherine & Brian, CO

Speedy (lilac fawn male, light green collar) – reserved by Olivia & Raul, CA

Hugo (cream male, gray collar) – reserved by Anne & Paul, MO

Marvin (cream male, dark green collar) – reserved by Sheri & Rock, NY

Elmer (cream male, blue collar) – reserved by Christine & Chris, MD

Petunia (lilac fawn female, pink collar) – reserved by Lisa & Jason, OK

Tweetie (cream female, red collar) –