We have been breeding high-quality Frenchies for several years now and we have learned quite a bit in the process, but we are smart enough to know that we haven’t learned everything. Occasionally, we will get requests from authors or organizations regarding the posting of articles that they think might be insightful to our clients and visitors to our website. We screen these articles and if we believe that they can provide additional knowledge that will allow our clients and site visitors to make more informed and better decisions and become better pet owners, we do agree to some of these requests.

Hopefully, you will find the articles posted under this heading to be educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions or comments regarding them please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Older Available Puppies

These puppies are currently available (unless “reserved by” is shown), and they are all sweethearts.  They are from three different litters.  All have been vet checked and are ready to go to their new homes as soon as convenient delivery or pick-up arrangements can be made.  Please contact Bick on 435-770-5708 if you would like more information on any of these puppies, or if you would like to reserve one of them. Cash (Extreme blue brindle pied male from Madee & Hog, 10/8/22) – Tucker (black trindle male from Gemma & Apollo, 11/3/22) – Conley (pure blue male from Mazie & Shazam, 11/8/22) – Clarkson (pure blue pied male from Mazie & Shazam, 11/8/22) – reserved by Patty, NY Beasley (blue brindle male from Mazie & Shazam, 11/8/22) – Kelly (pure blue female from Mazie & Shazam, 11/8/22) –  

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Sloane & Summit (11/27/22) and Tiffany & Bevan (11/27/22)

Sloane and Summit would like to introduce their litter, which is one darling black & tan pied girl.  Since she is a singleton, we had her grow up with Tiffany’s litter.  This is Tiffany’s last litter before she is retired to a life of leisure in Arizona.  Bevan is the proud father of these four darling puppies.  They have all been vet checked and we will begin reserving them soon. Saskia (black & tan pied female from Sloane) – AVAILABLE Puss (blue fawn male from Tiffany) – reserved for Tina & Peter, NV Luna (blue & tan female from Tiffany) – reserved by Lauren & Justin, NY Kitty (blue fawn female from Tiffany) – reserved by Jereme & Janessa, CT Goldilocks (red fawn female from Tiffany) – reserved by Linda, CA

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Kori & Bo (11/27/22)

Kori is proud to announce her first litter, with the proud papa being our handsome chocolate & tan pied boy, Bo.  These four darling puppies have been vet checked and we will begin reserving them soon. Javen (sable pied male) – reserved by Caroline, TX Tyler (sable male) – reserved by Laura & Cameron, CA Kylie (black & tan female) – reserved by Mary & Ryan, SC Millie (chocolate sable female) – AVAILABLE

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Upcoming Introductions

We will be introducing several very nice litters after they have had their vet checks, sometime after they are 6 weeks old.  There is a wonderful mix of males and females in various colors, including standard and more rare colors, in both solid colors and pieds.  We will first contact clients on our waiting list, with puppies in line with their preferences.  We should, however, have some very nice puppies which we can make available to new clients.  The following pairs will have their litters introduced six to eight weeks after the birth dates of their litters: Audrey & Summit (12/3/22) Moochie & Charlie (12/29/22) Indigo & Charlie (1/22/23) Annie & Summit (1/30/23) Haleigh & Rocky (2/6/23)    

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