We have been breeding high-quality Frenchies for several years now and we have learned quite a bit in the process, but we are smart enough to know that we haven’t learned everything. Occasionally, we will get requests from authors or organizations regarding the posting of articles that they think might be insightful to our clients and visitors to our website. We screen these articles and if we believe that they can provide additional knowledge that will allow our clients and site visitors to make more informed and better decisions and become better pet owners, we do agree to some of these requests.

Hopefully, you will find the articles posted under this heading to be educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions or comments regarding them please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Devin (blue fawn pied; carries chocolate and recessive black)

Devin is a very handsome blue fawn boy from Murphy and Corona who is now old enough to enter our breeding program.  He has great conformation and a very sweet disposition, like mom and dad, and since he carries chocolate and recessive black, in addition to a double copy of blue, we expect him to sire some beautiful puppies with several of our females.

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Summit (lilac fawn; carries cream, tan points, and pied, in addition to double copies of chocolate and blue)

Summit is a stunning lilac fawn boy out of Cruz and Julie, and his disposition is just as sweet as he is handsome, and look at those gorgeous lilac eyes. To be a lilac fawn, he not only has a double copy of the fawn gene, he also has a double copy of both chocolate and blue. He tops it off with single copies of cream, tan points, and pied, so he will be able to produce every color that Frenchies come in with the right females.

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Rocky (lilac & tan, d/d, co/co, At/a; carries cream and pied)

Rocky is a very special boy in many ways, and the least interesting thing about him is that he lost his left eye as a very young puppy. He contracted a severe eye infection infection in utero and our eye specialist was not able to save it. We have gotten very used to his cockeyed look and we have grown to love it. He is a very sweet boy with wonderful genetics to include a double copy of both chocolate and blue (which makes him a lilac), along with a single copy of cream and pied, so he should produce some wonderful puppies for us. He has both Cruz and Groot in his ancestry, so you know he has great genes :-).

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Apollo (red fawn pied; carries chocolate, blue, and tan points)

Pieds have gotten very popular recently, so we have decided to add more pied males into our breeding program, and Apollo is a great addition. He is not only a very sweet and mellow boy, he also has great conformation and genetics. His father is Hog and his grandfathers are Heath and Quigley, so we expect some wonderful puppies from this boy with several of our girls, especially since he carries chocolate, blue, and tan points.

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Groot (pure blue, carries chocolate & cream)

Meet our handsome pure blue boy, Groot. He is a very sweet boy with nice overall conformation, and he weighs about 22 pounds. In addition to being a pure blue (d/d & a/a), he also carries chocolate and cream, so we are expecting some very nice puppies from him with several of our girls to include cream, pure black, pure blue, pure chocolate, black & tan, blue & tan, chocolate & tan, lilac fawn, lilac & tan, and even more.

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Bo (chocolate and tan pied, At/At, carries blue)

Bo is a very sweet and rare chocolate & tan pied boy with nice points who is now old enough to breed. Unlike most pieds, he has no other color on his white body. Most pieds will have some, and if they don’t have at least a few larger colored patches, they generally have some ticking. Bo’s coat has none. He also carries the blue gene, so we expect some very nice puppies from him.

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