Vanessa and Heath (1/10/21)

Vanessa and Heath would like to introduce their new litter. We will only be placing one puppy from this litter, red fawn Cameron. We will be holding back Sloane for our breeding program and we will hold Ferris (who has a cleft palate) until we are sure he will make it and then place him with a loving family. Cleft palate puppies almost never make it, in fact most are put down at the vets, but Lacey wanted to give him a chance at life even though it was a tremendous burden on her. So far, so good!

Cameron (red fawn male) – reserved by Sean & Stephanie, KY
Ferris (brindle, has cleft palate) – on hold
Sloane (heavy pure black pied) – reserved by BlueHaven
We are so happy with how Ferris is doing. His cleft palate is not holding him back.
Here is a video of him taken at 9 weeks…
Ferris update in 10th week.
Ferris update in 11th week.