LaRue and Hog (5/26/21) & Odessa and Wally (6/7/21)

LaRue and Hog would like to introduce their litter of 6 beautiful puppies. We’ve been having a lot more boys lately then girls, so we are very happy to welcome the five girls these two produced. They have been vet checked and we will begin to reserve them with clients on our waiting list soon.

Desi and Wally would also like to introduce their single puppy, but what this litter lacked in quantity it made up for in quality.

Mike n’ Ike (red sable pied male) – Noa and Bryan, NJ
Jellybean (blue & tan pied female) – Rachel, MO
Licorice (black & tan female) – Peggy and Craig, CA
Dot (black & tan pied female) – Hanieh and Jon, CA
Tootsie (red sable female, darker) – Oscar and Tisha, CA
Caramel (red sable female) – Alexa and Adrian, CA

Bit O’ Honey (black & tan female) – Becky and John, UT