Goldie and Groot (12/19/19)

Goldie and Groot are proud to introduce their beautiful litter of 8 puppies. They have been vet checked and we will begin placing them with clients on our waiting list soon.
Glenn (pure blue boy) – reserved for Nikki & Michael, UT
Zeke (pure black boy) – reserved for Isabella & David, D.C.
Daryl (apricot blue fawn boy) – reserved for Ann-Louise & Nathan, NY
Rick (blue fawn boy) – reserved for Najeeb & Shandra, CA
Maggie (pure blue girl) – reserved for Ashley & Kamy, MA
Michonne (pure black girl) – reserved for Sonia, VA
Judith (blue fawn girl) – reserved for UT
Carol (red sable girl) – reserved for Blake & Christine, CO