Gabbi and Kobe (9/24/21)

Gabbi would like to introduce her last beautiful litter with our handsome boy, Kobe. You may wonder how a heavy brindle like Gabbi could produce 4 cream puppies. She carries a copy of the cream gene, and of course Kobe carries a double copy. Statistically, half of her puppies sh0uld be cream, but statistics don’t always hold up on the short term, only the long haul :-). These puppies have been vet checked and we will begin placing them with clients on our waiting list soon.

QT (cream male) – reserved by Alicia, NV
Apricot (cream female) – reserved by Taylor & Garret, NV
Honey Bun (cream female, yellow collar) – reserved by Jessica, AZ
Tattoo (cream female, purple collar) – reserved by Adeeba & Rich, IL