Ella and Heath (6/8/21)

Ella and Heath would like to introduce their very handsome threesome of chocolate boys. Ella is a lilac fawn, so she carries two copies of cocoa, in addition to a double copy of blue. Heath is a chocolate brindle who does not carry blue, so we knew we would be having a litter of chocolates, which we have been wanting for some time as our other chocolate girls or chocolate carriers have not cooperated recently :-(. These boys are very handsome, and what makes chocolates really stand out are their beautiful yellow-gold eyes. With the exception of chocolates and lilacs, which have hazel or yellow-gold eyes, other Frenchies have eyes that are a shade of brown, from a medium to very dark.

Toby (pure chocolate male) – reserved by Grace and Brendan, NY
Hershey (seal chocolate brindle male) – reserved by Leah and Mike, UT
Whopper (chocolate fawn male) – reserved by Lou and Melissa, CA