Ariel and Sawyer (6/22/19)

Ariel just had her final litter with our handsome pure blue pied, Sawyer, and what a wonderful litter it is. There are three beautiful pure blues and four gorgeous blue fawns/sables which have been placed with clients from our waiting list.

Grimsby (pure blue) – reserve for Fernando & Adriana, IL
Scuttle (blue fawn, red collar) – reserved for Michael & Nathalie, MO
Flounder (blue fawn, blue collar) – reserved for Angie & Tony, IN
Ursula (pure blue, purple collar) – reserved for Sonia, NJ
Attina (pure blue, pink collar) – reserved for Greg & Mary, IL
Adella (blue sable, teal collar) – reserved for Toby & Bella, FL
Arista (blue fawn) – reserved for Nicole, NM