Black & Tan Pied

Black and tan pieds are beautiful and rare. They have a gorgeous sleek black coat on their patches like the black and tans as well as the tan points. Their black patches will never have any brindling to it. Generally their lower legs will not have the tan points due to the white from being a pied, but they still will have the beautiful markings on their face above their eyes and on their cheeks. Each one will have a distinct look just like all pieds. Some will have a small amount of patches like Luke, and others will be heavily patched, like Rey. One thing is sure, they are very unique and beautiful!

Rey is a beautiful black and tan pied girl who has such beautiful patchwork on her coat.


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Luke is a handsome black and tan pied boy who has a small amount of black patches to his body, yet still sporting the gorgeous tan points on his face.


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Here is an example of a litter with many colors, including a beautiful and rare black and tan pied named Esther.

Here is a beautiful litter of rare colors including an adorable black and tan pied boy named Star Lord.