Tanner (red sable, carries both blue & recessive black)

Tanner is a beautiful 26 pound red sable (a red-fawn with evenly distributed black tipped hairs especially prominent on the upper body). His coat color is quite rare, but he also carries the dilute gene for blue [d] and also the rare recessive black gene [a], which can be combined with the even more rare tan points gene [at] to produce the very rare and very gorgeous black & tan and blue & tan Frenchies. He has already fathered some gorgeous litters including sables, blue-fawns, fawns, and pieds; and we expect many more outstanding litters from him. He has great conformation and a wonderful, calm, sweet disposition, surely as a result of his outstanding European ancestry, including the prominent “Shark”, “La Monarchia”, and “Palevyh Buldogov” lines.

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