* Stud Service Available

We at BlueHaven have worked very hard over the years to obtain the highest quality males possible, so that their excellent genetics will be passed down through succeeding generations.  Our primary concerns are health, temperament, conformation, size, and, finally, color genetics.  Early on, we purchased some males from other well-established breeders, but these days most of our boys are from our own lines.  We only introduce new blood when necessary to meet our breeding needs. 

The main thrust of our business is to produce the highest quality French Bulldog puppies possible, and, while studding our males is not a major focus for BlueHaven, we will provide fresh semen or fresh chilled semen for approved females. 

If you live close enough to our home in Bear River City, just northwest of Brigham City, UT, we will artificially inseminate your female with fresh semen for just the stud fee.  We expect that you will have your girl progesterone tested and we will breed her twice, the first time a couple of days after her ovulation date, and then a couple of days later.

We can also ship fresh chilled semen to you for an additional fee of $300, which will include vials for two separate breedings.  We have had good success with this system which is on a par with fresh semen.  We ship the semen overnight by UPS to arrive the next day.  To date, all our samples have arrived with excellent motility.

We require 50% of the stud fee to be paid up-front, along with the shipping fee if applicable, with the remainder due before the litter is registered.  Under the best of circumstances, even with fresh semen, a failure rate of around 25% is to be expected, generally because the girl does not drop eggs or has some kind of medical issue (assuming that progesterone testing confirms the proper breeding dates).  If your girl does not take, we will provide new semen on her next cycle without additional up-front cost, excluding the shipping fee.

The following are our studs available for service and their corresponding genetics. You can contact us for their stud fees (bluehavenfrenchbulldogs@gmail.com or text to 435-770-5708):

Heath:  25 pounds – chocolate brindle; carries fawn (Ky), recessive black (a), and pied (s).  Carries one copy of DM and one copy of CMR1.

Cody:  25 pounds – blue sable; carries tan points (At) and pied.  No brindle. Clean.

Wally:  24 pounds – cream; carries blue and recessive black.  No brindle. Clean.

Maverick: 29 pounds – blue sable; carries tan points. No brindle. Clean.

Bevan:  25 pounds – blue fawn; carries cream (e) and tan points.  No brindle. Carries one copy of DM.

Murphy:  25 pounds – blue brindle pied; carries fawn, chocolate (co), and recessive black.  Clean.

Apollo: 25 pounds – red sable pied; carries chocolate, blue, and tan points. No brindle. Clean.

Hog:  27 pounds – black & tan; carries blue, chocolate, and pied and is At/a.  No brindle. Carries one copy of CMR1.

Charlie:  29 pounds – chocolate & tan; carries cream and blue and is At/At.  No brindle. Clean.

Bo:  28 pounds – chocolate & tan pied; carries blue and is At/At. No brindle. Clean.

Summit: 27 pounds – lilac fawn; double blue & chocolate, carries cream, tan points, and pied. No brindle. Clean.

Cruz:  23 pounds – blue & tan; carries cream, chocolate, and pied and is At/a.  No brindle. Carries one copy of DM.

Groot:  22 pounds – pure blue; carries cream and chocolate and is a/a.  No brindle. Clean.

Kobe:  23 pounds – platinum cream; carries chocolate and is d/d and a/a.  No brindle. Clean

Shazam:  23 pounds – pure blue; carries cream, chocolate, pied, and is a/a. No brindle. Clean.

We also have several other excellent young males that we will be introducing as soon as they come of age and prove themselves as successful studs.