What should I expect when I get my puppy home?

What should I expect when I get my puppy home?

Puppies are just like babies in that they are all a little different in some respects, and alike in others. They are all alike in that all puppies require a lot of sleep, probably around 18 hours per day, some a little more, some a little less, and the time required for sleep will slowly decrease as they age and mature. If they don’t get the sleep they need it can certainly have a negative impact on their health and attitudes. Even when your puppy is grown, he/she will sleep over half of the day in a series of varying length naps. Regarding differences, some puppies are completely at ease from the day they arrive at their new homes and will never whimper or whine and will sleep the first night through without a peep. Others will take a few days to get comfortable in their new surroundings and may cry or whine when going to bed in their kennels for a few nights until they get used to their new surroundings and get used to being alone without the companionship of their siblings and mamas. This problem can be minimized with the addition of a few soft, furry toys, especially if they are used to one or more of them.

Because going to a new home is stressful for new puppies, sometimes puppies may experience a few stress related issues. Loose stools are not uncommon, especially if there is a change in diet. We recommend you stay with the PawTree salmon and sweet potato all-life-stages chow that we have weaned them on until they are at least 3 months old, at which time you can gradually change them over to another high quality puppy chow of your choice. Loose stools (even with a little mucus or blood in it) for a few days is not a reason for alarm so long as the puppy is alert and acting healthy and comfortable. If the problem persists for several days you should give us a call or see your vet. Normally, this means that giardia, coccidia, or some other parasite is causing problems, but fortunately this is an easy problem to correct with medication.

Puppies will also occasionally over-eat or gulp their food & water when they are in a new environment, sometimes causing them to bloat and/or throw-up food &/or water. In most cases, this is a temporary situation and will self-correct in a matter of days. As long as your puppy is acting and looking healthy, there is no need to be alarmed and a little patience is generally all that is necessary, especially if you have not made any significant changes to your puppy’s diet or other conditions. One thing that can help is one of the products on the market which will control the amount of food or water which your puppy can consume in a short period of time. You can also feed smaller amounts several times per day until the problem is resolved. Even older puppies and adult Frenchies will throw-up occasionally, so this is not generally a reason for alarm. If this condition persists over an extended period of time, especially if your puppy is not looking or acting healthy, a vet should be consulted, and be sure to let us know as well.

The bottom line is that each puppy is unique and they are not 100% predictable on how they will react to their new homes and environments. As long as your puppy is active and appears healthy and comfortable, there is little reason to worry unless a problem continues over an extended period of time with little or no improvement.

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