What should I bring to the airport when I meet the carrier to pick up my puppy?

What should I bring to the airport when I meet the carrier to pick up my puppy?

Leash and collar – Your Frenchie puppy has just traveled a long distance and may not have gone potty in quite a while. Having a leash and collar will allow you to safely let your puppy down so that he/she can relieve him or herself.

Dog food and water – We always send treats and a little food (PawTree’s salmon, sweet potato, and pea all-life-stages chow) with our puppy chaperones in case the puppy acts hungry; and they know to give them plenty of water. Most of the time our chaperones report that the puppies sleep the entire time on the plane. While this is great for our chaperones, it sometimes makes for a very hungry and thirsty puppy when he/she is delivered to you. Depending on the length of the flight or flights (if there are one or more connections), he or she may have gone hours without eating. If you live close to the airport, it is probably better to wait until you get home to feed your puppy. However, if you have a longer drive, you should definitely offer food and water as soon as practical. Don’t be alarmed if your puppy does not seem too interested in food initially – he/she has had a long day and is seeing new faces and a new environment, and some puppies may need a little more time to adjust.

A family member or friend – You are going to be so excited when you get your Frenchie puppy that, if you are anything like us, you will want to hold your pup on your way home. It is nice to have someone to go with you so that they can drive and you can snuggle and get to know your new baby. If you do not have anyone to go with, we suggest bringing a small kennel, tall laundry basket, a soft sided pet airline bag, a sturdy box, or something that will be able to contain your puppy comfortably and keep him/her safe while you are driving (don’t forget to line it with a soft towel or blanket).

Your cell phone – If you are in a hurry and excited, it is easy to forget things. Make sure to bring your cell phone so that our carrier can contact you when he/she arrives in order to arrange a meeting place or for him/her or us to be able to contact you in case flights were canceled, delayed, overbooked, etc.

Make sure to arrive at the airport in plenty of time because many times our carriers have very short layovers for their connecting flight.

When you do meet our carrier and your puppy(s), please be sure to inspect your puppy very closely to insure that we have not misrepresented him/her in any way. If you believe we have, you can refuse to take possession of your puppy and you will have no financial obligation except for the delivery fee which goes directly to our carrier.

We send all of your puppy’s paperwork (health guarantee/sales contract/immunization record, vet check-up, AKC paperwork, and 3 generation pedigrees on both parents) with our carrier and they are generally good to remember to give this to the new owners; however, we like to inform the new owners to be expecting these items just in case they are in a hurry and forget.

Once you have received your puppy and packet and you get a few minutes, we would love to hear from you via a call (it is never too late or early), text, or email to let us know you have received your puppy and everything is well.

We also love to get updates from you on your Frenchie puppy as he/she grows into a handsome/beautiful adult. We like to keep picture files and information on size, conformation, health, and temperament to be used to assist us in our breeding program.