How soon can I take my Frenchie puppy outside or to a dog park?

We keep all of our puppies up-to-date on their DAPP immunization shots; shots are given at 6 & 8 weeks and the 3rd and 4th should be given at 12 and 16 weeks, and then yearly thereafter. If you receive your puppy before 12 weeks of age, he/she will have just had the first two shots. If you receive your puppy on or after 12 weeks, he/she will have had at least the first 3 vaccinations (all four if your puppy is 16 weeks old or older). However, he/she will still need his/her rabies shot given when approximately 16 weeks of age. Most of you will receive your new puppy at around 9 weeks of age and it is important that you get him/her into your vet at the appropriate times for the rest of their immunization shots.

We typically do not let our puppies go outside into our yard until they are around 12 weeks of age (at which time they have had their first 3 of 4 immunization shots) so as not to expose them to our other dogs, since young puppies immune systems are not fully developed. Unless you have multiple dogs like we do, you should be fine letting your puppy out in your own yard once you receive him/her since he/she has had the 2nd DAPP shot, but you should avoid any dog parks until they are at least 12 weeks and have completed their 3rd immunization shot (safer yet, at 16 weeks when they have had their full regiment of shots and their immune systems are quite mature). There are so many different dogs from so many different owners and environments found at dog parks that you don’t know what your puppy will be exposed to. The series of four immunization shots will provide your Frenchie with added protection from picking up things they are exposed to at the park that could make them sick. Also, be aware that in most parks there are going to be larger, older dogs present that may not always be the friendliest to cute little Frenchies, and whose owners are not always in control of them.

Remember that Frenchies should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, especially extreme heat. Watch for signs of over-heating and make sure your Frenchie has access to plenty of shade and water if outside on a hot day.