Do Frenchies require a lot of care?

Do Frenchies require a lot of care?

Fortunately, French Bulldogs require fairly little care compared with many other breeds of house dogs, which is a good thing since I also have to take care of five kids and a husband.  About all we have to do for our Frenchies is periodically clip their nails and make sure their ears and the folds of skin on their faces are clean by wiping them out with a wet wipe every week or two.

Proper care for teeth is recommended for any breed. Some people recommend that you brush your Frenchie’s teeth regularly, but we give our Frenchies lots of bones and chew toys and they do fine without daily brushing. There is a paste you can rub on their teeth on a regular basis which is all that is really needed. It does all the work for you and Frenchies tolerate it much better than having toothbrushes in their mouths; and it is certainly a lot more convenient. You should have your adult Frenchies teeth professionally cleaned at about 3 years of age, and then every year or two thereafter to insure their teeth are in good health and stay that way. Tooth problems not only cause problems in the mouth but tooth problems can lead to other health issues. The best treatment is always PREVENTION!

Almost all of the time we spend with our Frenchies is fun time.  We love to pet and snuggle with our Frenchies, as well as watch them play with their toys, the kids, and with each other.  There is really not a lot of work involved, excluding the yard cleanup and feeding (and we try to get help from the guys and the kids in this department).

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