Do Frenchies like kids?

Do Frenchies like kids?

Well, ours sure do, and the kids love them as well.  All of the literature we read, before we decided to get serious about Frenchies, described what gentle and loving dogs that French Bulldogs are, and this has surely proven to be true.  Most are very tolerant and patient with children, and they have enough energy and endurance to make playing with them fun for the kids, without worrying about them being overly exuberant.

I have five children under 14 who all love nothing better than to sit down by one of our Frenchies and pull his or her ears and roll around with them.  When they are in the back yard together, they run around and play and have a ball.  Even when the kids are a little rough and heavy handed, our Frenchies don’t seem to mind.  They just seem to enjoy being around anyone willing to show them a little attention.

Of course, all children should be taught how to behave around dogs to insure they do not mistreat them or hurt them in any way.  Your Frenchie should not be picked up by small children, unless well supervised, because Frenchies are quite top heavy and small children are apt to drop them on their heads.  Even you will have to be careful to pick your Frenchie up just behind the front legs so that he or she does not topple forward.

To sum things up, Frenchies are very good with children, especially when they have been properly socialized and your children know how to properly treat a dog.