Can I keep my Frenchie outside?

While Frenchies can handle most climates reasonably well, as long as it is not excessively hot or cold, they should not be thought of as outside dogs.  In fact, we will not sell you one of our Frenchies if you plan on making your Frenchie an outside dog, other than for normal outside play time and potty time.  French Bulldogs are very special and unique dogs which were bred to be inside companion dogs, and so they should be.

Our Frenchies do love to spend time outdoors playing, running, sniffing, investigating, splashing in the kiddy pool, and doing other fun outside stuff.  They even love to romp in the snow, especially when the sun is out, even if is still very cold outside.  French Bulldogs are not fragile, but each is very special (especially yours), and he or she should be inside with you (and the rest of their human family and pet buddies) most of the time you are inside. Your Frenchie will love you, their master, as well as other people, and he or she will want to be around you and other people as much as possible. 

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