Dress Your Frenchie in Style

We always appreciate updates from clients who have adopted puppies from us, and we especially enjoy receiving pictures of our past puppies as they grow and develop into healthy and happy adults. Many of those pictures show BlueHaven Frenchies in the most darling outfits, and we are often told that the outfits are handmade. For those that have the talent and time to design and sew clothes and outfits for their Frenchies, our hats are off. For the rest of us, we have to depend on the talents of others.

It’s not easy to find cute clothes and outfits for Frenchies due to their distinctive builds, so when we found a company that specializes in outfits and clothes for Frenchies and Pugs, we were very excited. We ordered 5 items from their very large inventory and they recently arrived. We are very happy with the quality and value of the items we ordered, and the delivery time was very prompt and efficient.

We decided to share our experiences with our clients and visitors to our website just in case there are others out there who would like to doll-up their Frenchies and lack the time or talent to produce cute clothes and outfits for them. You can click on the link below to see the various items that are available and place an order if you find things you like.

When we get a chance, we will dress a few of our Frenchies in the outfits we ordered and we will post them on this page. For any of you that do order from this page, we would love to hear your feedback; and, if you have time to send a few pictures, we would love to see them.