Caring for an Aging Pet: Easy Ways to Provide Comfort and Happiness

Caring for an Aging Pet: Easy Ways to Provide Comfort and Happiness

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Coming to terms with the fact that your pet is ageing can be challenging. After all, you’ve been through the ups and downs of life with your furry friend. But caring for your pet through this life transition will be essential to provide them with comfort and give back for all they’ve done for you. Want to learn more about caring for an ageing pet? Today, BlueHaven French Bulldogs breaks it all down and gives you some tips to make caring for your ageing pet a little easier. 

Pay Attention to Changes

As your pet grows older, you will likely notice significant changes in their behavior or activity. For example, you may witness changes in sleep, energy, training, behavior, and temperament. According to PetFinder, these changes indicate essential information on your pet, including their new needs and desires. Tracking these will thus help you provide a better life for your pet. For example, suppose you see your pet looking listless or dull. In that case, it may be time to get them a chew or toy that excites them or make nutritional changes in their diet to give them more energy. 

Keep Your Pet Clean

Older pets have weakened immunity and thus are more susceptible to catching infections and diseases more easily. Keeping your pet clean is thus a top priority. Be sure to give your pet a wash every week or every two, as well as wipe off dirt and tracked mud on their fur. In addition, be sure to use products that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. For example, if your pet has dry skin, ensure that the shampoo you use is moisturising. Look online for veterinarian-reviewed bathing products to ensure you get the best option for your pet.

Keep Your Stress at a Minimum

Nature.com reports that pets are typically hypersensitive to their human counterparts. If you’re stressed about work, relationships, or money, it can take a toll on your pet. That’s why you must invest in stress-reduction strategies – both for your and your pet’s health. To reduce the negative impact of stress, especially work-related stress, you can try to have a pet sitter stop by occasionally to help with some of the caregiving. Arranging to work from home a couple of times a week may also be a great solution.

Medication and Vet Visits

As your pet ages, they are likely taking medication or supplements. Make sure you remember the days your pet needs to take their meds and specific details, such as if they are to be consumed at a particular time of day or before or after a meal. Making a medication schedule may help you stay on top of this better. Also, schedule regular vet visits as a preventative measure, as this can help you catch issues early rather than later. 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can provide valuable peace of mind, especially when your pet begins to age. For senior pets, pet insurance helps to cover the oftentimes larger medical costs that come with ageing. These costs include complications from age-related diseases and in-depth tests needed for diagnosis. As the cost of vet care continues to rise it’s essential to have coverage that gives you the opportunity to make decisions about your pet’s health more confidently. 

Nutrition and Diet

As our pet ages, we must pay attention to their diet to ensure they get the necessary nutrients. Here are some tips for feeding your ageing pet:

  • Feed them smaller meals more often: As your pet ages, their metabolism slows down, and they may have trouble digesting large meals. 
  • Take them on walks: Staying active is important for all of us, whether we have four legs or two, so if you live close enough to your destinations that you can run your errands on foot (and take your pet with you), try to do so!
  • Choose high-quality food: Just like with humans, pet food quality matters. As your pet ages, their appetite may decrease, and they may become pickier about their food, so choosing a food packed with nutrients and flavour is essential.
  • Avoid table scraps: It can be tempting to give your ageing pet table scraps but resist the urge. Human food is often too high in fat and calories for pets and can cause weight gain.
  • Keep them hydrated: Older pets are more prone to dehydration, so it’s essential to ensure they drink enough water. Add water to their food, or invest in a pet water fountain to encourage them to drink.

Give Your Aging Pet the Love They Deserve

Prioritising your pet’s comfort during this life stage will be critical. Keeping them healthy, dealing with everyday issues, reducing stress, purchasing pet insurance, and (occasionally) spoiling your pet will be vital in giving them a happy and comfortable time. You’ve got this!
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