Tessa (owned by Bick Jr) & Samson – 9/4/17

1. Adele (brindle) – reserved for Amanda and Richard, WA
2. Mandy (brindle) – reserved for Stephanie, IL

1. Frank (fawn) – reserved for Michelle & Amasa, MA
2. Henry (fawn pied) – reserved for the Connelly Crew, ID

Below is the 6-week video of Tessa’s and Samson’s beautiful litter. They will have their vet checks soon and then we will start placing these puppies with clients on our waiting list.

Below is our introductory video introducing Tessa and Samson’s “Labor day” litter @ 3.5 weeks of age. We will officially start placing these puppies with individuals on our waiting list once they are in their 6th week and their second video has been posted.