Kelly & Maverick – 8/21/17

1. Bubbles (blue and tan) – reserved for Jennifer & Cody, AR
2. Vanessa (blue sable) – reserved for Rafael & Elena, Puerto Rico
3. Valerie (blue sable) – reserved for Shawna, NY
4. Marge (blue sable) – reserved for Natalie & Jeff, CA

1. Thornton (blue and tan) – reserved for Maluli & sons, MA
2. Derek (small blue and tan) – on hold

Below is the 6-week video of Kelly’s and Maverick’s litter of beautiful blue sables and blue & tans. We will soon start the selection process for these darling puppies.

Below is the introductory video of our “Back to School” litter at 3 weeks of age. Like all our litters, we will not start formerly placing them until they are in their 6th week, after the second video and vet checkups have been completed.