Sassy (owned by Bick Jr.) and Maverick (8/1/17)

Below is the 6-week video of Sassy’s and Maverick’s litter. ¬†They have been vet checked and we will begin the formal reservation of these puppies soon.

Cassidy (blue fawn) –

Butch (blue brindle) – reserved by R & C, ID
Sundance (blue fawn) –

Below is the introductory video of Sassy’s first litter. Maverick is the daddy who has now fathered his second litter. There are only three of these guys but what they lack in numbers they make up in cuteness:-). Lacey will post the 6-week video about September 12th, at which time we will have their vet checks and then we will start formally reserving these puppies with clients on our waiting list.