Bambi & Cody (7/30/17)


Blossom (blue sable) – reserved, UT

Faline (blue sable) – reserved by Jennifer, CO

Trixie (blue brindle pied) – reserved by Robin and Dave, NY

Tessie (blue fawn pied) – reserved by Kate and James, MA


Prince (blue brindle) – reserved by Angela and Jamie, NH

Thumper (blue fawn pied) – reserved by Kim and Rob, MN

Flower (blue fawn pied) – reserved by Daniel and April, CA


Here is the updated video at 6 weeks of age.  Vet checkups are now complete and we will shortly be starting the selection process.

Below is the introduction video of the beautiful litter of blues, blue fawns, and pieds from Bambi and Cody. Lacey will post the 6-week video of this litter around the 12th of September at which time we will have their vet checks done. We will then begin the process of reserving these puppies with clients on our waiting list.