Minka (owned by Bick Jr.) and Studley (6/26/17)

Below is the 6-week video of Minka’s and Stud’s litter.  They have been vet checked and we will start the formal placement of this litter with clients on our waiting list soon.


  1. Amber (brindle, dark blue collar) – reserved for Jim & Amy, UT
  2. Coral (brindle, pink collar) – reserved for Chrissy & Robert, IL
  3. Emerald (brindle, light blue collar) – reserved for Lisa & Kevin, WA
  4. Opal (brindle, orange collar) – reserved Jim & Grace, CO
  5. Pearl (brindle, purple collar) – reserved
  6. Ruby (brindle, green collar) – reserved for Danielle and family, NV


  1. Quartz (fawn) – reserved for Eric & Lisa, CO
  2. Beryl (brindle) – reserved for Donna, NC

Below is the introductory video of Minka’s and Studley’s 6/26/17 litter.  The dominant brindle and solid genes sure came out on this wonderful litter.  Lacey will post a second video of this litter after the vet checks are complete at around 6 weeks and we will then start working our way down the waiting list to place these beautiful puppies.