Dakota and Cruz – 4/26/17


Frenchie (blue trindle) – reserved

Rizzo (seal blue) – reserved for Becky, NV

Marty (seal blue) – reserved for Kristin, Thomas, and children; WA

Jan (blue brindle) – on hold

Sandy (blue & tan pied) – reserved for Russell, MO

The Boys:

Zuko (pure blue pied) – reserved

Kenicke (blue sable pied) – reserved for Alexa and Jerry, IL

Below is the 6-week video of Dakota’s and Cruz’ litter of 7 gorgeous blue puppies.


Below is the introductory video of Dakota’s and Cruz’ gorgeous litter of blues.  Lacey will take a second video of this litter at about 6 weeks of age at which time these puppies will have their vet check.  We will then begin the placement of these puppies with individuals our waiting list.